Why do I blog?

Some people who may come across someone’s blog about health related issues will probably be like “oh they are just doing it for the sympathy vote”, “oh they just want people to feel sorry for them”..(I’m well aware they are similar things,nevermind!) But I’m sure nobody blogs for those reasons. I know for a fact that I don’t & others I know don’t either. We blog to help others, to make them feel less alone & scared in their current situation.

I blog about my experiences with mental health & try to give advice & support to others, whilst still giving everything a bit of a positive spin on it..After all positive minds, live positive lives. I’m helping to break down the stigma that surrounds mental health aswell, let’s be honest..it’s okay to talk about mental health. The sooner we all realise that the better, so why not start the conversation today?..

Since starting my blog a couple of months ago I have received such lovely & positive comments. I thought I’d include a few in this post that I have received via twitter.. I favourite them, that is why I have found them all, just so you know..

– “Just thought you should know – you have a wonderful blog! “

– ” I love all of your posts! #numberonefan x “

– ” You should be really proud of yourself for getting your blog out there!! Really enjoy your little bits of advice x “

– ” Your blog is so inspiring! all the best for your recovery ❤ “

– ” Love your blog, your one brave beautiful girl xx “

– ” Your blog is a great read. Keep strong – you seem to be doing so well xx “

– ” Love your blog!! Keep me up to date with it yeah you brave amazing girl! 🙂 xxxx”

Seeing all the comments reminds me exactly why I am doing it..To make people feel less alone/scared, share advice &  support!

This was a very little blog post today just to basically give the simplest reason as to why I blog..

– Anna ♥

keep you head up, keep your heart strong.

p.s have a little positive image from weheartit..where I actually get all my little pictures from!


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  1. lovelyyyy 🙂 “keep your head up, keep your heart strong” one of my favourite songs ever ❤ x

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