It’s just a bad day, not a bad life..

I feel there is so much pressure to put on a brave face & take on the world. Some days you will feel on top of the world & others you will just feel really poopy. Today is just one of those days for me were I’m just feeling really poopy & sorry for myself so I thought this would be an appropriate post. I managed half an hour at work this morning because I just felt ill & couldn’t concentrate so I’m back at home for the day. I’ve made myself feel a little bit better by getting into some cosy clothes, making a drink & just curling up on the sofa.

Really I could go at this day in two different ways the usual way of beating myself up & getting annoyed..with the shoulds of life..I should be at work, I should be feeling fine, I should be able to manage full days at work, I should be out there living every day life having fun, enjoying myself..comparing myself to others basically. I’m sure a lot of us are guilty of this.

 But instead I’m taking a different approach at this & just accepting the fact that I don’t feel very well today & I’m just having a bad day..Tomorrow is a brand new day & will come with a completely different set of feelings & emotions.

You know what though it’s absolutely fine to not be ok all the time. Life isn’t about being perfect, performing perfect…there is no such thing as perfect. Life is about taking each day as it comes.

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health, so if you aren’t feeling well enough to cope doing certain everyday tasks just take a break & step back, recharge your batteries. The more pressure you put on yourself, the more it is likely to effect your health & will probably make it harder for you to live life in general. So when your down, getting frustrated with yourself & thinking life isn’t worth living just remember….


– Anna ♥


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