Only you can make a change..

In our life at some point or other, we are all going to experience something we’d rather not. At this time of my life when I should be having the time of my life, I am experiencing anxiety & panic attacks..for anyone going through them will know it sucks. Some days can be a real struggle but who said life would be easy? NobodyI’m pretty sure we would all complain if it was easy anyway.

So when life throws a challenge at us, what do we do? Do we just sit there & let it defeat us? Or do we get up & rise to the challenge & beat whatever the challenge may be? It does take a lot to realize when you should be up fighting, sometimes you are going through something & just let it affect you. I’m sure a lot of us are guilty of doing this.. But when you feel the time is right you will jump up & start battling!

Last week I had another doctors appointment, when he decided to re-refer me to talking therapy with somebody else. I obviously agreed to it but if you have ever been on a waiting list, they are never short. While I was there though he also recommended I ordered a book called Feeling Good by David D. Burns. So of course I ordered the book & whilst I was ordering it I spotted another book by the same author called When Panic Attacks. Obviously the name drew me in.. I ordered them both. They both arrived on Monday & I got straight to reading them & have now produced some charts to record my progress. The book itself claims to teach various techniques to get rid of anxiety. But obviously it’s alright reading the books, they won’t just make you better. You have to put everything into action & get back out there. Not everything will work for everyone so it’s a trial & process.

So grab a supportive bunch of family & friends to help you & keep you on track. I know full well I would be terrible if I tried to manage without the support of others. Just a simple action of them checking how I’m doing will help me so much.

But to make a change in your life, it’s down to one person….any guesses who?….thats!

– Anna ♥

p.s. here is the picture of the books I have mentioned & some of my charts & my notebook to keep me on track..wish me luck guys!



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