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This blog post has been taken over by a girl I met online on elefriends (the site I mentioned in my “You are never alone..” blog post) & I would now safely class her as a friend, a very good friend! Miles away but she still gets me. She feels like a sister to me now! People will probably be like how can you be friends with someone so far away or who you have never met? Unless you have experienced this then you won’t get it! A friend is a friend, wether it be two miles away or two thousand miles away! You can be a million miles apart but there is always skype & phones..

– Anna ♥

I Will Survive 

By Ally

 “I creep up on you slowly,

I build a cosy nest inside your soul,

I take over your thoughts and mind,

I destroy your every goal.

My name is depression,

Perhaps you’ve met me before?

I live in your past, present and future,

I hide behind your door.

The door to your feelings,

The door to your life,

I’ll eat away at your dreams,

I’ll cut you with a knife.

I’ll strangle you to unconsciousness,

I’ll make damn sure you can’t see,

I’m your best friend and your worst enemy

Depression lives in me.”

Depression is all about survival. And to survive is what drives depression. The two come hand in hand and fit so perfectly. When you’re feeling sad, a funny film and some chocolate will probably make you feel a bit better. But when you’re feeling depressed, living is the hardest possible task. No matter what you do or what people say, you just won’t feel any better. The only way to get through depression is to live it and survive. It will hurt, it will frustrate you but time really helps. It goes slowly but it helps.

“Why are you depressed?”

“You don’t look depressed?”

“Cheer up!”

“There’s no point in worrying!”

These are quite possibly the last words someone suffering with depression would want to hear. But knowing what to say is a real challenge.

When someone is depressed, they might not make sense to you. They might not even want to talk about it but please just ensure them you are there for them. Listening and trying your very best to understand is what they might just need. Avoid telling them what to do or presuming how they feel.

“I’m here for you” is one of the best things you could say.

 “Live everyday as if it’s your last” is complete bullshit. Unless you feel happy everyday, how can you possibly do this? How can you live when you want to die? And how can you treat each day as if it’s your last when you’re just trying to get through it.

Depression lives in your clothes, your hair, under your skin, it’s at every corner you turn and reflected in every mirror you stare into. Whether it comes or goes, it will be there with you until you can find a way to cope.

 Apart from survival, another way to deal with depression is to talk about it. This is often the last thing someone suffering will want to do but even if it’s a friend, your GP or the Samaritans, confiding in someone will give you that support you need. You don’t even have to call. You can email or text and write down exactly how you feel. This is often almost impossible when you’re depressed. Your mind is fuzzy. Your brain is on fire. This is why death feels like the only way out. Even if it’s just words, writing down how you feel is a release.

 But as dark and dreary depression is, sometimes you have to confront it. By doing this, you can start to live with it.

 Of course, I’m only speaking from experience. Now I can manage my depression, I try my best to prevent it or I accept and embrace it as much as humanly possible. Of course, embracing depression isn’t something that’s particularly easy to do. Why would we want to embrace it? But sometimes we don’t have a choice.

 The thing to remember about depression and low mood in general is you won’t feel like this forever. That thought can be comforting. You know you’ll get out of that black tunnel. But small baby steps are the only way through.

 If you’re reading this and you suffer from depression, you’ve already made a huge step towards recovery. You aren’t alone. No one can ever fully understand how someone else is feeling or what he or she is thinking but I get it. Take your time, think of you, be selfish and listen to your heart. Depression will strengthen you.



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  1. thank you anna for letting me take over! 🙂 you’ve got a friend in me x

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